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Having Alpacas shorn is a busy time of the year. Shearing can be done at either your farm or ours. The Alpacas will be shorn for show blankets, with "stovepipe" legs and topknots. Straight shearing is done upon request. Toenails and teeth trimming can be done at the time of shearing for an additional charge. Major teeth work (cutting) will not be done. If travel is required, a charge per mile and any hotel stay is extra. If you would like, fleece samples for histograms can be taken at no extra charge. However, you must provide a baggie with the alpaca's information clearly labeled.

* Animal's Name
* Registration Number
* Gender
* Color
* Breed/Type
* Date of Birth
* Sample Location
* Date of Sample

Training to shear alpacas was done with Matt Best at
Magical Farms in Litchfield, OH who has over 25 years
of experience with sheep and alpacas. Continued
training  with Bill Watkins, inventor of 'Pro-Ties', of
Frostglen Alpacas in Loudon, TN.

Pricing and Terms
Shearing: $30.00
Toenails: $10.00
Teeth Trimming: $15.00
Mileage: $.50 per mile for travel
Micro-chipping: $20.00
Room: Actual cost of hotel stay, if required.

Additional Details
When traveling to your farm for shearing, you must be able to provide a minimum of 2 additional people to help take down the alpaca. One person can help hold the animal and assist with shearing buy holding the head and the other to keep the work area cleared of the shorn fleece. Additional helpers are also good to have. They can help transfer alpacas to and from the shearing area. A flat work area is needed for set-up and the area must have good lighting and an electrical outlet for the shears.

All alpacas for shearing must be dry and clean of debris. If weather looks rainy for shearing day, you need to barn your alpacas the night before.

With shearing being done on our farm, your animals must be BVD Negative.

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